Thursday, March 3, 2011

Children! Great Reads for Spring Break

Planning a car trip during spring break? Don’t forget check out our books on CD, Playaways or to download one of our growing collection of titles for young people to your IPod, e-reader, tablet or laptop. This will entertain the family on the drive.

Not planning to travel during spring break? You can still visit some exciting places if you check out one of these honor titles from the 2011 United States Board of Books for Young People’s international books list.

Pre-K through 5th Grade

* Australian author Bob Graham’s book, April and Esma, Tooth Fairies, is the story of two tiny modern-day tooth fairy sisters. Children can travel between the enchanted tooth fairy world and the big world of the children they visit.

* If a trip from rural Canada to the metropolitan city of Toronto appeals to you, read I Know Here by Laurel Croza. Preparing to leave a tiny Saskachewan community for the largest city in Canada, a young girl looks at her world and how life will soon be different.

* Try traveling to medieval England in The Shadow Hunt by Katherine Langrish. Wolf has lived at the Abby since he was six. The adventure begins when he runs away and stops to rescue a child, who in reality is an elf.

* Oops by Jean-Lue Fromental is the story of a slippery bar of soap and a family’s transportation disaster. The illustrations define the frenetic energy of a mad rush to a Paris airport.

* The UK publication, The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett , tells the story of a lonely rabbit, an invitation, and math. This book’s humorous illustration set in a calendar format transports the reader to a magical place.

~Ms. Dona~

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