Monday, January 31, 2011

Hometown Ties by Melody Carlson

Hometown Ties by Melody Carlson
The Four Lindas book 2

Caroline, Janie and Marley have moved back to Clifden and Abby is thrilled to have her friends in town for a change. As the four Lindas are beginning new lives and pursuing challenges and dreams they are present for each other as needed. Janie, Marley and Abby provide a much needed oasis in Caroline's backyard- a close place to get apart while caring 24/7 for her mother. Abby finds comfort and love when her husband is rushed to the hospital and her extended family is there for her. Marley and Janie are trying to discover their new lies in Clifden and Abby and Caroline are there to offer support. Unexpectedly new and old male acquaintances appear from time to time, too. I am looking forward to book three to see how each of the Four Lindas grows into new life in Clifden.

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--Beth Hutcheson

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