Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bink & Gollie by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee

Bink is messy, charismatic, and delightfully charming. Gollie is savvy, sensible, and superior. Together they make the most mismatched best friends I’ve seen in a while. This three chapter picture book is a great new early reader that has been topping many prominent ‘best’ lists for 2010! Written by Newbery Winner Medalist Kate DiCamillo and New York Times bestseller Alison McGhee with illustrations by Tony Fucile, Bink & Gollie will put a smile on your face from the moment you start the book till the very end! Their adventures include everything from buying socks, taking Fred the Fish to the movies, and climbing the Andes Mountains! Bink & Gollie has a touch of Pippi Longstocking, sprinkled with a little bit of Dennis the Menace, and of course some Clementine! With a combination like that, how can you not love Bink & Gollie?

Here are a few things you didn’t know about Bink (From the Bink & Gollie Website)
1. Sometimes she dream’s about Andy Warhol. She doesn’t know if this has to do with Campbell’s soup cans (she loves soup!) or Andy Warhol’s hair. In any case, she dreams of Mr. Warhol.
2. She wishes that she had a very fast go-cart so that she could duplicate Mr. Toad’s wild ride in her back yard and charge a small fee for admission!
3. She is fond of mysteries that can’t be solved.
4. She loves a lot!
5. She hopes a lot!

And of course, here are a few things you didn’t know about Gollie!
1. Her name was originally spelled Golly, but that reminded her of pollywogs, so she changed it to Gollie.
2. She once accidently stapled her thumb to a dish towel.
3. For Bink’s next birthday gift, she would like to install a pulley-basket-elevator between her part of the tree and Bink’s.
4. One of her secret dreams is to be a Major League Baseball Player.
5. She is convinced that if she concentrates hard enough, she will be able to turn herself at will into a bird.

By this point you are probably thinking that Bink & Gollie is going to be pretty awesome, aren’t you? Well, simply CLICK HERE and you can reserve your copy today! You and your child definitely won’t be sorry! If you just can’t wait till you get your copy, be sure to check out the book trailer below!

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