Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Noah's Wife by T.K.Thorne

This is the story of a woman living in a civilization in transition. It was a time of oral word, before writing or printing helped shape the world. Traditions, customs, ways of doing things, were passed on by word of mouth. The family unit, clan and locally held religion dictated an economy, occupation and beliefs. Hunting had been the way of getting food and clothing. Now people were also growing food and some raised animals for food and clothing. During this time Na'amah grew up and learned from her family, including her grandmother, the stories of ancestors and beliefs. She also herded sheep and cared for them. Her grandmother said Na'amah was special. Noah noticed her when she was young and asked for her to be his wife. Yanner was a childhood friend who also was interested in Na'amah. How does a woman choose between interested and attractive men? Marrying might be a way to leave home where her brother treated her badly and only her grandmother thought her special. All Na'amah cared about was her husband and being in the hills with her sheep. But life was more complicated that that. Alcohol abuse, abuse of power and sex changed her life and that of those she loved. When she was snatched by slavers she and others had to survive by their wits. And she had to find a time and way to escape so her baby would be born. Noah and Yanner searched for her but when and how would she return to her family and friends? And what part would Na'amah play in the many changes in their world? What part would she play in Noah's story?

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