Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweetwater Run by Jan Watson

The people who lived in Eastern Kentucky in 1893 had a hard life and family and friends were everything to them. When Dimmert Whitt was convicted of stealing his own mule his wife was devastated. How could she exist without him for two years while he was in the prison? Cara had family that included Fairy Mae, Darcy, Ace and Dance and the little ones. While Dim was serving his sentence many unexpected things happened to him and to the folks who loved him most. Darcy's gift of sewing helped support them but she wanted her own family. Her dreams of meeting a man to love was uppermost in her mind and when she met Henry Thomas her course was set. What she did not know was that Henry had his sights on the Whitt family land. That little fact set the rest of the story in motion. The actions of Darcy and Henry made a huge difference in the lives of Cara, Dance, Ace, Darcy and Fairy Mae as well as all the children and Ace's parents. How could people who seemingly had so little be so caring and generous? Even Henry was about to find out.

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