Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes by Robin Jones Gunn

When Summer was told she needed a biopsy she baked cookies which helped her think. Then she made flight reservations to the Netherlands. She had never met her pen pal in person and felt this was the time for a chick adventure with Noelle. Summer's husband was supportive of the plan. For a week Summer would learn about her good friend and her husband, their culture and pieces of their history. The Ten Boom family touched lives by saving lives. Summer and Noelle visited the Ten Boom home and museum, hearing first person stories about the concentration camps. The Iconoclasts made their statement by destruction. The pen pals visited a church which had been a victim of this action. And the original paintings by Vermeer spoke to Summer about everyday things and people. During that week Summer was able to connect with Noelle in communicating their feelings and needs which each had been trying to escape. Topics they discussed included past relationships and future medical possibilities and God's Love and provisions for His children. Summer and Noelle had thought this visit had been a spontaneous plan by Summer. They learned that God knew all along what both of them needed.

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