Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doggie Day Care Murder A Melanie Travis mystery by Laurien Berenson

Alice had decided to go back to work once her children were no longer helpless preschoolers. She had a job as a paralegal arranged in her husband's firm and all she needed was placement for the family dog. So she asked Melanie to check on the Pine Ridge Canine Care Center. Melanie would know what to look for and the questions to ask. What an easy thing to do for a friend. Although the day after Melanie met Steve, the co-owner, he was found dead. Word had gotten around that Melanie has solved mysteries in the past so she was asked to unofficially investigate and learn who killed Steve and why. Aunt Peg was also interested in everything canine. Her new project was grooming Davey to show standard poodles. He loved it. Melanie, her husband and Aunt Peg were proud and encouraging. Candy, Steve's sister, seemed clueless about business and could only help Melanie with the daily operations of the Center. After asking questions of staff and a disgruntled neighbor, Melanie just did not know what to think. Then it all came together suddenly. But did she figure it out too late?

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