Thursday, May 28, 2009

Runaway Heart Westward Dreams #1 by Jane Peart

Holly Lambeth grew up in Kentucky in a wealthy family. When old enough to be interested in beautiful gowns and parties she became part of the social gatherings of her city. When she had a proposal of marriage she was not excited but frustrated and put off giving an answer. Then everyone read in the society pages that her suitor had found another woman who said she would marry him. Holly had been jilted and her family arranged for her to escape the gossips by staying with a cousin in Oregon. Holly had not seen Hettie since they grew up together in Kentucky years before. When Holly arrived at the end of her journey she met Hettie's husband, Ned, and children Aurelia and Teddy. From the start Hettie was very hateful and unkind to Holly. This made for an unbearable visit except for the loving children and understanding Ned. In nice wather Holly went for walks to explore the area but then came the rainy season and then cold weather. Finally Holly applied for position of teacher at the one room school. When the council hired her to replace Mr. Larkin she moved into the small room provided for her in the school house. Holly became an important and welcomed member of the community. Men and women became her friends which make life there more acceptable. Hettie continued to be disagreeable to Holly though no one knew why. The town doctor, the newspaper editor and others invited her to town socials and outings. She was part of life in Oregon. When the doctor and Holly were driving in the countryside he was called on an emergency and Holly helped him. When the town was laid low with a smallpox epidemic Holly cared for children well and sick. Soon it was time for her to return to Kentucky. But would she?

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