Friday, December 12, 2008

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Tallulah Hart was left with her grandmother by her mother when she was four years old. The next time her mother came by was six years later. Then she took Tallulah and left her in a crowd of strangers. When the grandmother died Tully had to live with her mother which wasn't a loving or supportive family situation. She didn't know who her father was or where and her mother, Dorothy, was a pothead who preferred being called Cloud.
On this street called Firefly Lane lived Kate Mularkey with her parents and eight year old brother. Kate's family was loving but she was in eighth grade and feeling alone. Then she met the new girl on the block who wanted to be called Tully. They needed each other and this was the beginning of a friendship that would last more than thirty years. Two girls from very different family beginnings promised each other to be there for the other through everything. Early on they rode bicycles together and watched the stars and listened to crickets and the popular music of the day.
Tully introduced Kate to makeup, parties and sneaking out of the house and getting arrested by the police. Kate introduced Tully to parents who cared and gave guidance and love.
Tully realized her dream was to be a news anchor and she wanted Kate to do the same. The 'Firefly Lane Girls' began their journeys. Tully was tireless working long hours and sometimes working as a volunteer when she began her broadcasting career. Being in the spotlight and on camera really made her happy.
Kate worked in broadcasting, too, writing and producing. But it just did not give her the same fulfilling feeling that Tully experienced. She wanted to fall in love and have a family of her own. So even though the 'Firefly Lane Girls' took different paths to happiness they remained 'friends forever,' in happy and sad times.

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