Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The We Know Books, ETC. Blog Has Moved

In order to serve you better, this blog has moved to our website You now have four options. There is a Children's, Teen, and Adult blog, OR, you can access the Library Blog, which is a combination of those three. Let us explain...

To access the Homewood Public Library Blogs click here This is where the Children's, Teen, and Adult Dept. Blogs all flow together to form a single blog for the entire library. Here you'll find current news, reviews and information for ALL ages.

But, if you are interested in a particular age group:

For the Children's Blog click here to get all the latest Children's News, Reviews & Information.

For the Teen Blog click here to find all the latest Teen News, Reviews & Information.

For the Adult Dept. Blog click here to access all the latest Adult News, Reviews & Information.

If you like to receive new posts in your RSS reader, be sure to subscribe while you're there.

Also, new posts automatically go to Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks and we'll see you over on the new site!

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